Back to the Future

Web3 and AI

April 5th-7th

What is OraHacks?


$5,000+ IN PRIZES

Unleash your creativity and problem-solving using AI, Web3, and Cloud technologies. This is an opportunity for hands-on engagement in the complete product development process. From ideation to creation, your pitch ideas will become realities. You will receive invaluable mentorship, constructive feedback, and the prospect of potential funding for your products. This is not just a hackathon - it is a platform for change and progress. Let's build!


Drive Capital


Drive Capital


Join us to disrupt


Help shape the global financial system


Create more seamless and engaging educational experiences

Creative Arts

Unleash creative expression, storytelling, and cultural participation

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Devs, Designers, Artists, Product Managers,
Thinkers, Builders, Mentors, and Sponsors

For young builders in Chicago, eager to chase ideas. Backed by early stage builders and experienced operators that have scaled exceptional companies. Anyone ready to level-up their hacking skills, turn pitch ideas into tangible products, or kick start the next wave of builders in Chicago is welcome to join our next adventure. Whether this is day 1 or day 1000 of your journey, there's a seat for you at our table!

Judging Criteria

Problem Definition (15%)

Evaluate the relevance of the solution to the three challenges presented. Assess the clarity and understanding of the initial problem and whether it addresses the needs of multiple stakeholders.

Creativity (15%)

Consider the level of creativity demonstrated in approaching the challenge. Assess whether the solution is an innovative departure from existing solutions or an incremental improvement.

Practicality/Execution (15%)

Examine the functionality of the project. Assess whether the solution works, is testable, and successfully implemented. Evaluate the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), including design quality, user-friendliness, and identification of any bugs.

Design and Polish (15%)

Further assess the UI and UX, design quality, user-friendliness, and identify any bugs. Consider how well the design contributes to the overall effectiveness and appeal of the project.

AI/Web3 implementation (15%)

If applicable, assess the quality of AI/language models or Web3 usage. Evaluate how well the team utilizes the technology and its impact on the project's overall effectiveness.

Coding Proficiency (15%)

Incorporate coding proficiency as a crucial aspect. Evaluate the coding practices, efficiency, and overall quality of the code. Consider how well the code contributes to the functionality and robustness of the project.

Presentation (10%)

Evaluate the quality of the presentation. Assess how well the participants communicate their ideas, the persuasiveness of their pitch, and their confidence in presenting and answering questions.